Lynda Weese On Gerard
Owned By Ronda Hanning

Lynda’s approach is all about patience and kindness. Horses are motivated by reward and comfort. The forceful riding styles, so often seen today, typically results in bad experiences for both horses and riders.

There is no substitute for a the patient approach that combines comes from Lynda’s decades of experience training through FEI levels and thoughtful consideration of each animal’s unique personality and temperament.

About Lynda Weese
About Lynda Weese

Lynda is blessed to have had 35 years of instruction from some of the finest trainers. They all made the wellbeing of the horse a priority by insisting on balanced and nonaggressive riding along with consistently stretching of the horse at every level. Lynda feels this is the foundation of Dressage, defined as the “harmony between horse and rider.”

Lynda spent 16 years as an apprentice under Jim and Sharon Rowe of Rowe Dressage Stables in Okemos, Michigan. For more than ten years, Lynda trained with former Olympian Ed Rothkranz, who also taught clinics at Lynda’s farm. Lynda then had the honor to clinic regularly with renowned trainer Walter Zettl for ten years. She continued to work with him as frequently as possible, mostly through video lessons, when he was no longer able to travel to the United States. Currently Lynda is working with Martin Arnold from Concordia Dressage, and hosts him regularly for clinics.

In 2018, Lynda graduated from the intense USDF L education program which qualifies her to judge schooling shows. Through this study, she has greater insight into the evaluation techniques of judging dressage. It has made her a better teacher and trainer and helps her prepare for the show ring by being able to better anticipate what judges are looking for. Lynda will also stay current on her judging skills through the continuing education that is required to keep her certification.