Walter Zettl

Walter Zettl

Walter Zettl

Lynda was able to train under Walter Zettl for over 10 years. This was during the period he was writing his books and he asked Lynda to be one of the demonstration riders for pictures. What a pleasure this was to build a personal relationship with Walter and his wife Heide. Truly one of the highlights in Lynda's career! He truly was a man that not only loved the horse and passionately wanted things to be better for them, but he also cared so much about his students and family. Lynda will never forget the first time he called me to see how things were going for me on a personal level.

Famous quotes
walter at a clinicLynda Weese On Willpower

"The goal of all dressage riding should be to bring the horse and rider together in harmony... a oneness of balance, purpose, and athletic expression."

"Trust and respect are two-way streets. We want the horse to accept us as leaders of the herd, to guide them safely and to provide protection and comfort. In return, they will give us their respect, and willing submission to our ideas about what to do next, and when and where. But this respect can only be based on well deserved trust."

"At each stage of work the horse must be taken to his limit, but never over."

"When you have had a good ride one day, it is wonderful, but it is also very dangerous."

“Ride up to heaven”

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Here are some of the pictures Walter used of Lynda in his book