Since Lynda does not own a farm she mostly travels to farms to teach. She does have a private farm that she offers trailer in lessons or stable overnight for multiple lessons. Price depends on location, number of riders and frequency of lessons.

There are so many aspects to good Horsemanship, so she offers and encourages lessons in many areas of horse training.

Dressage Lessons-Beginner to FEI

Lynda evaluates how your horse is going and identify key areas that are needed to reach better harmony, balance and engagement to improve gaits and movements. She will give you homework to work on until your next lesson.

Brenda On ZeddieBrenda Slipetz On Zeddie
Test riding/show preparation

We can school the tests you plan to ride or evaluate what test you should enter at a show. Since Lynda is USDF L certified she can watch your test from a judges point of view.

Ground Training

This is important for all riders for safety and respect from their horse. If a horse is unmanageable on the ground it will carry into the saddle. This also helps the handler better understand how to communicate with their horse in a leadership role. Horses have pecking orders and you quickly find out where you stand in it.

Video of Liz Wilson and Ralph

Cavaletti Work

This helps develop the riders feel, influence and confidence. Also helps the horse develop confidence, better movement and athleticism

Video of Michele McGee riding bareback over cavalettis with transitions.

Michele Booth on EddieMichele Booth on Eddie
Keuring preparation

Many young horses go through inspections for their breed. It usually includes in hand work, evaluation of gaits free, free jumping and under saddle. Spending time developing your youngster before the keuring will cause them to get better scores and also give you a nice riding horse. This is great young horse training!

Lynda Weese On BellatimaLynda Weese On Bellatima, Owned By Keersten Nichols
Breaking Youngsters

When you take a systematic calm approach with lots of ground training this can be very enjoyable. Lynda has broken 100s of horses and enjoys the process!

Trailer Loading And Hauling

Nothing is more stressful than to go to an event and not be able to load. And definitely not the time to train for it.


Without confidence there is no chance of enjoyable harmonious riding due to tension. If you struggle with fear or anxiety while around horses or riding ,take the time to work through this. Your horse will thank you and riding will be pleasurable, the way it was intended

Judi Kennedy On HobbesJudi Kennedy On Hobbes

The best riders in the world have to continually work on their seat and posture in the saddle. Lunge lessons are the best but there are many ways to work on this without being lunged. (Lynda has never had a lunge lesson BUT she drills herself regularly in the saddle to keep bad habits from forming and to develop her seat and position)


Proper lunging techniques are invaluable for all riders. Done correctly it can develop your horses balance and topline, warm up a cold back, work off freshness to make them a safe mount, or keep your horse fit during times when riding is not possible. Poor lunging practices can damage a horse. So take the time to learn this valuable skill!


Lynda loves long-lining because you can do everything you do in the saddle on the ground. It allows the horse to learn without the weight of the rider and allows the rider other options when riding is not possible. It is a skill you should learn with help because it can be dangerous! Lynda has been fortunate to learn how to break young horses and train the higher level movements. She does feel this is a dying art. Not many trainers know how to do it or are willing to teach it.

Lynda Weese And Gia
Lynda Weese And Gia
Keersten Nichols And Felix
Keersten Nichols And Felix
Hill Training

Hill training is a great way to develop your horse physically and keep it enjoyable. A very gentle grade at the walk and trot is challenging to a horse's balance so you have to develop them slowly.

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