Lynda offers dressage training to both horse and rider. She does not own a training facility so she travels to private barns. Because of this she offers limited full time training for horses. She requires that the owner be taking lessons at the same time and is involved as much as possible for the best results.

Her philosophy on training is built around the development of a confident athlete. The dressage building block of Rhythm and Relaxation is the foundation of all good training. Dressage does not become specialized until the basics are set around 2nd level. Until then it is all good basic training for whatever discipline of riding you chose.

Dressage training can often be seen as riding movements and looking like this in a year or two.

Lynda Weese On Silky
Lynda Weese on Silky, Owned by Keersten Nichols
Lynda On Zanzebar
Lynda Weese On Zanzebar
Lynda On Vivaci
Lynda Weese On Vivaci

Unfortunately, It takes hours in the saddle and on the ground to establish the basic frame work to begin.

"I see this frame work much like the Christian faith, works for God do not come first but a relationship with Jesus cause good works by the believer. Same is true with dressage. A good relationship with your horse allows all the movements to be developed in the training. I see this so often lacking in the development of horse and riders. Rather than harmony between horse and rider you witness a battle zone. Especially in competition dressage." - Lynda Weese

There are so many aspects that go into the training of horse and rider before competitive or high level goals can be pursued.

Building confidence and obedience is one of the most important aspects of training for both horse and rider. Without it there is fear and tension and nothing good can come from that, especially a harmonious partnership. This means lots of cross training especially with young horses and timid riders. Here are some examples but the options and opportunities are endless. Be creative and safe as you build this and of course ask if you need help! Lynda enjoys this aspect of training!

Examples of ground training and cross training for horse and rider.

From the beginning all horse and handlers need to be able to turn their horse away from them, move the rump and be able to back on BOTH sides. So often we only work on the left but horses need to be trained equally on both sides.

Video Of Liz Wison with her very opinionated horse Ralph

Cavaletti work helps with concentration, obedience and development of the gaits. It also helps the rider learn the proper tempo and rhythm for their horse. Advanced cavaletti training with transitions before and after.

Not all riders have aspirations to ride higher level dressage bareback but due to physical limitations from operations Michele has found it to be easier. Great way to develop balance if you have the right horse.

Video of Michele McGee riding bareback over cavalettis with transitions.

Michele Booth And EddieMichele Booth and Eddie
Lynda Weese Ramsi And Ronda Hanning On Gerard
"Trail Riding builds confidence in both horse an rider and prevents boredom"
Lynda Weese On Ramsi And Ronda Hanning On Gerard
Lynda On Ralph
"Following scary objects builds confidence in horses"
Lynda Weese On Ralph
Lynda On Gerard
"Tricks build obedience trust and communication"
Lynda With Gerard, Owned By Ronda Hanning
Judi Kennedy With Hobbes
"Tarp Training builds confidence in normally scary objects"
Judi Kennedy With Hobbes
Brooke Sheridan On Della
Brooke Sheridan On Della
Schooling a side pass
Elenor With Darrow
Elenor Graber Schooling Darrow in hand
"In Hand Helps Understanding and Obedience"

As you and your horse develop basic horsemanship skills then the traditional dressage training in the arena of schooling movements and pattern to develop the natural gaits begins.