“I have been teaching Lynda for the last 4 years in clinics and it has been a true pleasure.  I have seen her develop her baroque mare beautifully, staying dedicated to the principles of classical dressage.  Lynda is a very quiet, tactful, rider who has done a great job with a sensitive mare.  I have also taught her on bigger moving warmbloods and she has done an equally great job with those horses too.  Lynda has shown that she can train the “species” of horse and not just certain types of horses and that is the mark of a true trainer.
In teaching clinics in Fort Wayne, I have also had the pleasure of teaching Lynda’s students and from teaching them, I can tell that they’re well taught by her.  They all show proper equitation and regardless of the level of rider, they ride in the proper spirit towards their horses, which to me is most important of all!
Lynda is a great organizer of clinics too.  I have taught several clinics organized by her and they’ve all gone very smoothly and I’ve been well taken care of.  I always look forward to coming to teach in her clinics because I always have a fantastic experience.  
I highly recommend Lynda as a fantastic trainer, teacher and all around horse woman!!” - Martin Arnold

"Lynda Weese has been our principal dressage trainer since 2008. Her unique combination of kindness to both the rider and the horse, her thoughtfulness, instinctive communication skills, and infectious personality make her an exceptional horse trainer and riding instructor. She works with green riders and horses to advance riders and equines with equal aplomb. Lynda incorporates a breath of teaching capability from groundwork to long lining to advanced dressage movements. We would both highly recommend Lynda for lessons, training or clinics"
- Tom and Tammy McAlear, Lambertville Mi

"Lynda has a great deal of horsemanship experience and knowledge to share and a strong commitment to classical horsemanship principles. She always takes a positive approach to any challenge and she will be honest in her communication.  She has ridden, trained and shown successfully to the Grand Prix level which means she knows the importance of each step of the training process." - Polly McGann


"We have known Lynda many years. She graciously works with our farm and Pony Club, helping our young riders appreciate dressage. My students enjoy her teaching and comments when she judges our schooling shows. Lynda is very accommodating and understanding to work with. My more advanced students appreciate her patience and understanding in how to develop a horse. Lynda is a great asset to our local horse community."
- Green March Farm, Auburn Indiana


"We started hosting clinics with Lynda at the beginning of this year. They have been very successful. As word started filtering throughout the barn, more clients signed up for the clinics.  We are anxiously awaiting the time when we can begin hosting them again.  Everyone has commented on how much they have learned.  Both the riders and the auditors. We highly recommend Lynda's clinics"
- Janette Day
Red Oak Farm, Bristol Indiana


"Lynda's skill and patience have greatly helped my confidence with lessons both on and off the long line. She guides me with a depth of knowledge that I can feel my connection with my horse getting better each lesson. Her respect and love of the horses come through in our lessons and my horse is also more confident and flexible with her guidance."  - Brenda Slipetz

Brenda On Zeddie Brenda Slipetz On Zeddie

"Lynda did a wonderful job long-lining an Arabian gelding I use for endurance riding. Her training helped so much to strengthen his core and improve his top line and suppleness. She developed exercises to fit the specific needs of my horse and proved to me that basic dressage is valuable training for any equine sport. Her depth of knowledge about training horses young or old and working in any discipline is limitless. As a patient, kind person she is a pleasure to work with and my horse loved her!" - Judy Westerling

Judy On Flash Judy Westerling On Flash

"At the time that I started lessons with Lynda, I was looking for a challenge in both my training and riding skills. In just the few weeks I’ve been under Lynda as an instructor, the benefits from her knowledge and vast experience has shown me how much more there is for me to learn! Lynda is a phenomenal teacher, full of patience and understanding, a great listener and communicator. Thank you Lynda!" - Cindy Marckel

Cindy On Ruah Cindy Marckel On Ruah

"I have known Lynda for over 25 years, and appreciate her thoughtful, kind, patient approach to training horses.  She has been able to refine my riding skills, has helped me with starting and showing horses, and I have gone to numerous shows and clinics with her.  Her time tested, classical approach to training the horse instills confidence in the horses she works with.  I have yet to meet a horse that doesn’t look forward to seeing her. She has prepared two mares for their keuring/approvals for me.  I believe they both performed well because of her thorough preparation of the skills they would need.  My Hanoverian mare was in the top 3 for mare performance tests of 2017.  Lynda prepared her well for both the riding test and the jump chute, and did an excellent job presenting her.  I am convinced that my mare would not have done as well as she did without Lynda’s expert guidance throughout the process." - Keersten Nichols

keersten on bella
Lynda Weese on Bellatina, Owned by Keersten Nichols
Keersten On Felix
Keersten Nichols On Felix
Keersten On Silky
Keersten Nichols On Silky

Lynda  put 30 days on my new horse to insure she was going to be safe for me, as I was recovering from a broken back. Lynda  spent the first part of the training,  contemplating  how she was going to tell me the horse was just too much for me.  But as you can see, within the first week of riding after 2 weeks of ground work, Bell was ready to go. I was on by the third week of training. Lynda was great at assessing Bell’s needs and being sensitive to the confidence boosting I needed.  Lynda has been great respecting my need to protect my confidence with my riding, but always encouraging me to pursue my passion.  - Linda Weinbaum

"Lynda has really helped my anxiety- ridden off-the-track thoroughbred has calmed right down as he builds confidence, muscle and skill. He understands his job and loves his work. Very settled and happy!" - Judi Kennedy

Judi and Hobbes Judy Kennedy With Hobbes

"Lynda has taught me several methods to work through my hot mare's tantrums and sometimes bully attitude. With her help, I feel I can now more confidently harness her energy and get to the next level of riding." 
- Brooke Sheridan

Michele On Jonas Michele McGee On Jonas

"I started working with Lynda when I bought my first horse. I was a green rider and knew nothing about dressage. I’ve learned so much from basic horsemanship, long lining, ground work, longe lessons, showing, training myself and my horse, to now learning tempi changes and upper level dressage and having the balance to do it all bareback on a big mover. What I love most about Lynda is that she is kind, fair and encouraging to both horse and rider."
- Michele McGee