Mattes Pad and Shims

Mattes Correction System Saddle Pad 21" long + 12 shims $55.00 .  Email or phone 260-413-9740 for more information.


Taking the guesswork out of saddle fitting, the Port Lewis Impression Pad Saddle Fit System offers a unique and easy-to-use alternative to costly saddle fittings. The Impression Pad is made up of two separate pieces of durable, clear vinyl filled with exclusive Equi-Dough putty material that molds to the shape of the back and reveals pressure points caused by the saddle.
Designed to be used under the saddle as your horse moves, this is the only system that allows you to accurately assess saddle fit as the horse is moving with a rider in the saddle. The pads can be smoothly rolled back to their original state for multiple uses, allowing you to assess your saddle fit over and over!  $250.00 New Asking $125.00 For more information email or phone 260-413-9740