Ed Rothkranz


It was always a pleasure to learn from a dressage master!

Ed was Res. Canadian International Champion in 1974, Res. Eastern Canadian Champion in 1975 and Canadian Advanced Level Champion in 1977. Ed rode in the Alternate Olympics 1980 for the Canadian Olympic Team. But Ed is best known for his upper level dressage breeding and training and instruction of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was trained in Germany by many top riders including Heinz Pollay.





Ed Cantering My King (Alternate Olympic Mount) one handed.

Ed's teaching ability was outstanding. He had developed, through years of experience, a systematic approach to training that served equally well on Thoroughbreds and warmblood type performance horses. His success with students and horses, lied in his ability to motivate through clear logical explanation supported by demonstration. His genuine interest in the welfare of horse and rider,dominated throughout his clinic. He did not patronize, nor did he promise, the impossible.
Mr.Rothkranz's credibility was quickly established during his clinics. I feel Ed was one of the best teachers available to North American riders"  (G.S. Ogilvie)s/Sgt  Riding Master

We were fortunate to have had Ed as our clinician at Premier Dressage from 1998 through 2010. Ed owned and operated Rhineland Stud Farm in Kentucky, where he bred and trained quality warmbloods until his death in September of 2011. 

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Enjoy this video of a lesson Lynda took with Ed Rothkranz riding Willpower, produced and provided courtesy of Wanda Dodd. If the video playback is stuttering for you, simply hit pause and let the video preload for a minute or two.